Our Focus. Guided by Vision

A sense of wonder comes over you when you encounter wines from The Vines of Mendoza. You feel eons of history in the mountains and the breeze over the plain. And yet, you also taste the vibrant character of Argentine culture – bold and full of a thrilling zest for life. As the locals here say, “Se trata de una Perspectiva única” (it’s a unique perspective)!


When we started Perspectiva Vineyards, our chief desire was to create a high-quality product to share with family and friends. Led by that idea, we learned that the wine in the glass is a direct product of where and how the grapes are grown. The first ingredient in top-quality wine production was already provided in the terrain of the Vines of Mendoza. In the Uco Valley, the combination of high elevation, alluvial soils, irrigation sourced from the Andes Mountains, a long growing season, little rain, and vast temperature differences between day and night are all ideal for growing quality wine grapes. These conditions come together to produce excellent fruit ripening and concentration, resulting in wines that are deep in color, intense in aromas, and rich in flavor.


The second ingredient – how the grapes are grown – is overseen by the talented viticulture staff of the Vines of Mendoza, especially Francisco Evangelista who believes in a hand-harvested, low-yield approach that allows for the development of truly artisanal wine varietals. From the layout of the vines in the fields to optimize sun exposure, to canopy management to control vigorous growth, to structured irrigation in the almost desert-like conditions, to pruning excess fruit to concentrate flavor in the remaining grapes on the vine, Perspectiva grapes are in the excellent hands of a phenomenal group of agronomists! Once we decide the best time for harvest, the high-production standards continue in the wine-making process, guided by experts like Santiago Achaval, Pablo Martorell, and Mariana Onofri. These gifted individuals discern our tastes and help us bring out the potential of our harvest!


You can have the fresh perspective experience yourself by visiting the all-new resort and spa  or by exploring the opportunity for a private vineyard estate of your own.

In just a few short years, Michael & Jeff are creating some really special and unique wines from their vineyard. Wines that reflect the high-altitude vineyard, while being balanced and an absolute pleasure to drink.

- Michael Evans

Vines of Menodoza Co-Founder


Perspectiva wines are the reflection of true passion.

- Mariana Onofri,

Vines of Menodoza Wine Director