We hope you enjoy the fruits
of our collective labors. May relaxing with a glass of wine shared with others help you keep a fresh perspective!

- Michael and Jeff


Look Inside the Artistry

What happens when you choose to look at things from a fresh perspective? You find yourself facing a one-of-a-kind opportunity to create some of the most exciting new wines to come out of the Uco Valley in Mendoza, Argentina. Michael and Jeff, the owners and founders of Perspectiva Vineyards, both began life in different industries. Michael was the CFO of a building products company. Jeff served as the Chief Actuary for a global reinsurer.


A close personal friend, Lynn, was living in Argentina. In 2002, Lynn’s mother lost her battle with ovarian cancer. Her parting guidance to Lynn was to enjoy life, relax more, and develop a new perspective on her priorities. Lynn took these words to heart, quit her job, pursued some educational interests, and decided to spend some time living in Buenos Aires. When her dear friends Michael and Jeff came to visit in 2005, the three celebrated the many possibilities of following a different perspective.

Many wine enthusiasts like to say “wine is not made; it’s grown.” And for us – the journey and cultivation have led to a fresh perspective on the way we work, live, and enjoy our time with the people and places that mean the most to us.

Their travels led them to some wine exploration in Mendoza – Argentina’s premiere wine-growing region. There, they met Michael Evans and Pablo Giminez-Rilli. Michael and Pablo had just started a new company, The Vines of Mendoza, which would allow clients to become private vineyard owners and create amazing wines from this area known internationally for its tremendous wine-growing potential. Inspired by Lynn’s pursuits, the sage words of her departed mother, and the passion Michael and Pablo shared for this new endeavor, Michael and Jeff left Mendoza as the proud owners of 10.5 acres of a 1500-acre vineyard (admittedly, the bottles of superb Malbec enjoyed during the visit helped influence the decision also). When the new owners each returned to their “numbers” jobs, they fully expected to question the wisdom of their decision – but the anxiety and panic never came. Instead, they fostered a new life perspective and committed themselves to learning to make the wines like those they always enjoyed.