Johniene Papandreas "Priest" photo by Topkat


Artist Statement

I often mine the paintings of past masters for my models seeking out faces masking a hidden agenda or laid bare by ecstasy, the faces stripped of artifice exposing emotions unable to be contained.  I lift these beings free of the context of their ancient world and invite them to inhabit an alternate emotional life in ours.  Here, who they were, what they did is no matter.  It is the power of their expression, the potency of their emotion that finds its answer in triggering, in the modern viewer, what can be a compelling, and very personal, response in kind.


My paintings are created entirely by brush in casein, an ancient paint derived from milk, or today, from soy protein. The paint is applied in thin layers, building visual depth without thickness of paint, and the result is a soft, luminous quality that appears to glow from within even in the dimmest ambient room light.


It is a delight and a privilege to have been invited to participate by lending my paintings to the unique perspective Jeff and Michael are bringing to their vineyard dream. The sensual appreciations of Wine and of Art are related pleasures and so in choosing those of my paintings for use as labels to evoke the essence of the wine within we trusted to instinct over critical evaluation. Substantial imbibing may, however, have been occasionally employed to make sure we got it right.

- Johniene Papandreas

Artist's Backstory

After 25 years as a designer in the New York theatre and owner of a successful design firm Johniene took the dare of a friend (who was probably tired of listening to her whine that she had always wanted to be an artist) to step away from her life and spend the summer painting in a storefront studio in Provincetown, MA. To her surprise and delight the Universe granted her wish. Painting not only brought her back to life but her work resonated in the hearts of others who took them away for their own. When summer was over she found herself at that metaphorical cliché:  The Fork In The Road. She could return to her career, or she could take the path in the direction of her dream…life as an artist. What else could she do? One is seldom given a second chance at one’s dreams. Johniene now divides her time between happily splashing about painting in her Florida studio and summers in residence at that same storefront, her own Gallery Voyeur in Provincetown where she can be found taking particular pleasure in personally introducing visitors to her work.  Her paintings hang in private collections around the world.


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